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Unemployment Divorce Loss of Her Children

Acquiring a Felony Charge & Homelessness

within ONE YEAR!

THE CarlaStarla!’s peculiar quiddity of being able to Smile & have Joy as she endures adversities, trials & challenges, deems her to be the epitome of


With every keynote spoken & with every workshop facilitated, THE CarlaStarla! shares a

Personal Experience of how she Overcame

one of her battles!

By way of RE-Establishing her Values in turn

Leading her to her Purpose!

Envisioning what she really Wants

Sticking to her Intentions… &

Staying Focused by Keeping the FAITH!

As she’s Empowered to Know that there are

Phases to EVERY Change, she Builds her team of Professionals that have a Desire to Serve because,

there is Life After…WHATEVER!

All while Celebrating each Achievement

of her manageable GOALS!

THE CarlaStarla! is a…

NATIONAL Keynote Inspirational Speaker! &

CHRISTIAN Life Empowerment Coach!

She possesses a Zeal for altruism and has taken on Leadership roles within the vicinity of her

hometown, Morristown, New Jersey! From being the Vice President of Membership for South Street Toastmasters in East Hanover to being the

Speaker Coordinator at Dress for Success Morris

County’s Professional Women’s Group in Madison!

As the Founder of Life After…WHATEVER!™,

an organization that specializes in coaching

“Ex-Offenders” from Good to EXCELLENT!,

she periodically attends court cases of

unknown defendants to convey that

people other than their loved ones… CARE!

In addition to that, as THE CarlaStarla! traveled

the Continental U.S.A. with GOD! …she also

became a Serial Entrepreneur, creating

34 Inspirational entities, as per GOD!

… {ALL! for The GLORY of GOD!}™

Her Excitement! about

Re-Creating! the Life You Were Born to Live!

is Contagious & those that know her,

can’t get enough!

THE CarlaStarla!’s Presence Illuminates every place she enters & leaves an Aura of Enlightenment

when she’s gone, Reminding You to

SHINE! Like The STAR You Are!, a facet of being a SHINY STAR!

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